Instant tech support

Using test-and-learn methods to create a new product


Citrix GoToAssist (now part of LogMeIn) helps IT supporters fix people’s technical issues remotely. While at GoToAssist, I worked on a small innovation team to develop a new product aimed at helping people get on-demand tech support online. 


GoToAssist Remote Support allows IT supporters to connect to a user's computer and fix issues from anywhere. Users loved it and said it was “like magic!”. We believed that by adding features to this product and opening up the licensing, contractors could use it to provide on-demand IT support to small business owners. Our goal was to find out if this product was desirable to our target audience.


We initially developed the idea as part of Citrix's annual Hack Week, where I created a demo in Keynote. Based on this presentation, we received funding to work on the project over the next few months.  

I then created visual comps and a click-through prototype, which we used to do concept testing with 16 end users (people getting help) and 9 supporters (IT consultants providing help).


The feedback was positive: 7 out of 9 supporters and 12 out of 16 end users said they would use and pay for the product. Although the product was ultimately not developed, we were able to incorporate much of the design into another GoToAssist offering.

My role

I was the only designer on this project and I created all videos, prototypes, workflows, and visual comps.  


Presenting the prototype at the hackathan


A few of the visual comps we used for concept testing


Synthesizing results from the concept testing


A workflow which I used to discuss changes with the team